System 7
System 7
The central orange dwarf star hosts a family of 14 primary planets and 39 major satellites. The 5th planet is a large, high-g terrestrial
planet. You would weigh 4.15 times your accustomed weight on the planet's surface. This planet has a thick atmosphere and a warm
mean surface temperature of 25.7 degrees centigrade. The 11th planet is a massive terrestrial with a thick atmosphere and mild
climate, but a heavy 8.03 g. Its spectral signature, however, is remarkably similar to that of the 5th planet. Even more curious is the
10th planet. Though only a dwarf planet with a negligible atmosphere and very far from its central star, it is unusually mild with a mean
surface temperature of 6.6 degrees.
Planet 11
Planet 10
The 5th planet has a dense reddish
atmosphere. The 11th planet is
remarkably similar.
The 10th planet is a dwarf planet with
an unusually mild temperature.
Alert! We have detected an anomalous energy source on the surface of the 11th planet. It appears to be a signal, beamed towards us
in the form of a varying intensity maser beam. It appears to be an encoded signal.

Running the signal through the audiovisual translator circuits ...