System 104
We have detected an anomalous energy signature on the moon of one of one of the M-class planets orbiting both the K and M stars in this detached binary system. Scopes reveal this to be the Avatar! This small landing scout and its crew of three went missing whilst exploring this sector several months ago.
The moon (above and left)is a low-gravity world with a very tenuous atmosphere. It is heavily cratered.

The M-class planet it orbits is massive with 9.81 Earth masses but has a surface gravity of only 0.40g due to its low density. It is surrounded by a very deep nitrogen and argon atmosphere. This planet is warm, with a mean surface temperature of 23.2 degrees. It was given a very high habitability rating, but has one particularly hostile character: a very high surface pressure estimated to exceed 10 atmospheres. The planet is almost massive enough to be a gas or ice giant. Indeed, it may have had a more compact icy mantle which has melted and evaporated due to planet warming. Speculating as to the cause of this warming, this binary star system appears to have evolved from the merger of two single star systems. The overlapping orbits suggest this. Remarkably, the planets from both parent stars have remained bound, since they were probably close-in to their parent stars. Elemental analysis suggests that the outermost planets of the red dwarf were stolen by the gravitational attraction of the more massive orange dwarf and now orbit the latter in highly eccentric orbits. The innermost planets of the red dwarf system and the outermost of the K dwarf are now orbiting both stars. The M-class planet of interest lies in the innermost of these P-orbits. It's composition suggests that it belonged to the red dwarf system originally and now orbits both stars, during which it underwent considerable warming due to the increased stellar flux.
The Avatar was clearly drawn to study this system due to its potential for colonisation and as a possible life-bearing planet. Our analysis suggests that it is unlikely that this planet has been warm enough for long enough to evolve anything more complex than primitive unicellular life.

Recommendation: The avatar is not responding to communications;
send down a landing party to investigate the Avatar landing site on the surface of the moon.