System 133
This system consists of a large, very luminous and very hot A2 class star of 4.014 stellar masses, 38.56 stellar luminosities and a
surface temperature of 9471 K. There are no planets in this system. This star, like many
A-class stars is a rapid rotator and ellipsoidal in
shape, bulging about its equator as it rotates rapidly. Some systems are on the limit of stability, rotating close to the angular velocity at
which the star would fly apart! Forming from a gas/dust cloud which rotated increasingly fast on condensation, likely resulted in
considerable mass loss from the outer edges of this system, leaving too little mass to form planetary bodies of any significant size.
Additionally, all the central mass condensed onto the star, again leaving too little for star formation.
Rapidly rotating A Star
This A-star is one of the largest and hottest stars in this sector, as most of the stars in this sector are of a similar age and a stars are
relatively short-lived and most A-stars in this sector will have already left the main sequence.

Recommendation: carry out astrometric measurements to improve our models of stellar stability and then jump to another star system.

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