System 138
This binary star system has 11 planets, but even the closest, a supergiant with 7 moons is extremely remote from the central binary star
and this system is loosely bound, indeed two supergiants have already left the system and are drifting into deep space. It would appear
that any planets that may have formed close-in could not establish stable orbits and were either ejected or destroyed by collisions.
Alternatively, the entire system may have been catastrophically perturbed early in its formation, and the central binary has since
acquired rogue planets in very remote and weakly bound orbits. All the planetary bodies in this system have very low surface
temperatures, and although we can never rule out the possibility of microbial life occurring deep beneath the surface, it would require
an extensive search to uncover such life forms.

Recommendation: collect routine astrometric data and then move on to another star system.

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