System 75 Probe Report
This system looks as if it has been perturbed by the passage of a nearby star (perhaps system 168) or perhaps planets are in the
process of escaping the pull of the central low mass red dwarf star, as there are two rogue planets in this system, which are currently
heading off into deep space. One of these rogue planets is a supergiant with eleven large satellites, which may have been small planets
that it scooped up with its immense gravitational field. Being far from their parent star, these worlds are now frozen. Three planets, one
class D, one class M and one supergiant, still orbit the central star, though these orbits are extremely remote and thus we expect these
worlds to be frozen.

This brings me to one odd anomaly: the medium-sized planet, with two large satellites that is surprisingly warm. Indeed, its temperature is
amicable and it has a dense atmosphere. It may be that it warmed up upon passing closer to its parent star, as it is in a very elliptical orbit,
or it could have suffered a recent collision with another planet. However, it is a massive planet [with about three times the radius of the
Earth and 9.52 earth masses] and so it has a very strong gravitational field. The science team would like to explore this world further,
either by robot probe or by sending down a landing party with high-g exoskeletons. We want to know what makes this planet unusually
warm when it is so far from its parent star.

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