pov-ray model of an oak tree
pov-ray model of an oak tree
pov-ray model of an oak tree
pov-ray model of an oak tree
pov-ray model of an oak tree in autumn
pov-ray model of an oak tree in spring
Above: an oak tree on a hazy morning in early autumn (fall).
Above: three versions of a summer oak.
Left: an oak tree in spring.
Bottom left: an oak tree in early autumn (fall).

There are a number of tree models on this site, all developed in Pov-Ray using
the TomTree add-on, developed by Tom Aust, see

This requires the adjustment of a large number of parameters to obtain the
desired look, and takes practice and experimentation as well as frequent
reminders of the documentation. Nevertheless, many tree types can be modelled
with this add-on. On this site, as well as a large number of oak trees, you will find
pine trees, birch, rowan, giant sequoia, willow and a number of woodland scenes,
spring woodland and winter woodland, all developed using TomTree.
Pov-Ray Tree Models
a winter forest
the wizard's wood
TomTree may also require
customisation of the leaf shape,
though it comes with some basic
leaf-shapes. A scan of an oak-tree leaf
was used to produce a leaf-shape in
the oak model, for example.

One has to decide what kind of tree
one wants to model. With the oak, for
example, there is a choice between the
taller and straighter oaks that grow in
dense woodland, or which maybe
plantation varieties, and the gnarled
twisted form of older trees, especially if
they have the genetic diversity of the
wildwood or have been pollarded.
pollarded trees typically produce a
profusion of tangled branches, if left to
their own devices.

Producing highly contorted tress can
create a mystical effect. Oak trees will
grow in an especially gnarled and
stunted form under harsh conditions
(such as the famous Wistman's Wood,
otherwise known as 'Wiseman's wood'
or perhaps equivalently 'wizard's
wood'). The trees in this wood are
short, though very old and form a low
and close canopy, that is famous for its
eerie atmosphere!

For more trees, also see the
Above: the mystical wildwood!
Pov-Ray oak tree model