Computer Programming
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The software in these sections was developed for the Windows
platform (XP and related).

All the code in this section has been compiled and testing on the
Windows platform (Windows XP) unless otherwise stated. Those
programs written in Java require the Java runtime to be installed, those
written in C# require the .NET framework.

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OpenGL interactive 3D graphics programming!
Games Programming with 2D sprites
3D graphics with the Pov-Ray
programming language.
Modeling electromagnetism
Astrophysics - modeling the Roche Potential
3p orbital
Physics - modeling atoms (with C#)
Modeling organism behaviour with
stochastic methods and C#
Modeling diffusion with Java and the
finite difference method
Some uses for the new Html 5 canvas

Plotting the hydrogen atomic

Basic principles of

Space Invaders template!

More JavaScript:

Multiple choice JavaScript quiz

Drag and drop JavaScript quiz

Coming soon ...

Modeling waves
Modeling diffraction
alien tree
Tree Equations and Alien Plants
Code snippets

Linked lists in C++

Affine transforms in C++/CLI

Local image transforms in Java

Bubble sort and reversing arrays in Java

Factorials, permutations, combinations
and big integers in Java

Monte Carlo methods in Java and C#

Estimating pi with series and iteration

Perfect numbers, Mersenne Primes,
Sieve of Eratosthenes

Binary operations with C++

Arrays in C++
A stochastic computer model of insect behaviour
Legacy Programming

Sprites on the C64
Inverting the sequence of bits in a byte
(C++ for use with C64 sprites)