Scientific Programs
Bot also writes utility programs, like OrbPlotter which plots some 2D mathematical functions like the hydrogen
atomic orbitals and diffraction waves, which was used to generate the plots for This program
is fun to play with and has served a useful purpose, but until more functions are added, it still serves a useful
instructional purpose, as it makes necessary use of a technique called 'threading' and some other useful

Link to download
OrbPlotter installer! Note: OrbPlotter has been written using Visual C# for Windows
platforms. Originally written in C# version 1.1, a newer version has been upgraded to C# 4.0, which required
some interesting modifications (see technical note for C# programmers).
3p orbital
OrbPlotter - Modeling atoms and diffraction
Modeling movement in microbes & insects
This in-house software has been used to stochastically model the movements of sensitive bugs - of bacteria
in the presence of food to which they are attracted, or noxious chemicals that repel them, and of insects
likewise attracted or repelled. In the case of the bacterium
Eschericia coli our model predicted that in order
to obtain the expected behaviour (attraction to food) the bacteria require a memory to enable them to
compare chemical concentrations over time and space. Intuitive explanations for the observed behaviour,
often given in elementary textbooks, are simply wrong and result in the opposite behaviour - movement
away from nutrient sources! Research has indeed shown that bacteria have chemical memories of several
seconds - in our model even a one second memory proved extremely beneficial.
Modeling electromagnetism
Astrophysics - modeling the Roche Potential
Modeling diffusion with Java and the
finite difference method
Coming soon ...

Modeling waves

Monte Carlo methods

Estimating pi
Modeling diffraction
alien tree
Tree Equations with Mathcad