Some of you may know me from Unreal (probably not!), the original that is, or perhaps you have played another
product of BotRejectsInc online.

I have finally got round to polishing up my first Unreal map - Initiation. I have added some aliens for you to fight and
improved the decor and lighting and other artistic effects.
To play this map you will also need to download my customised textures file, which you add to the 'Textures' folde in
the Unreal directory.
Please test the maps and let me know what you think - unless I get constructive feedback on the good and bad points of
these maps, I cannot make them any better for you! Also, if you like some things and not others then get me to make mods or
modify the maps yourself. You have our permission to cut and past features (such as trilithon teleporters) into your own maps
without acknowledging us, but if you make a map mod then please acknowledge BotRejectsInc (in addition to yourself of

Please let us know if you have any problems playing these maps. They were made with the 226 patch installed. Also let us
know about playability and what you do and don't like - these maps are here for testing! Contact Bot at:

In the meantime, why not buy a copy of Unreal - most peeps prefer Unreal Tournament, but I think that the original (Unreal 1)
is more exciting, personally.

Learn more about Unreal

Download the 226 final patch ... always tricky to find, but it's out there somewhere .... (email if
you need it).

UnrealEd ships with Unreal and Unreal only costs a fiver or so these days. Be warned, however, UnrealEd has some
suspicious bugs (I doubt the mappers used such a buggy piece of software, but then it was written in pre-.NET Visual Basic
(cringe) - it's easy to criticise when one is used to Visual Studio .NET, but this program is very sophisticated and these were
the early days of computer programming). Seriously, so long as you rebuild and save often, especially when playing with
pawns, triggers and decorations, then it gets the job done a treat.

You can learn how to use UnrealEd with Wolf's tutorials which can be found at the Web sites below:

. Ok so Wolf said to link to his page if one's maps are awesome, well maybe these aren't awesome but Wolf's tutorials really
are useful if you read them carefully! These things take practise and patience.

Also check out one of the few clans that Bot has not managed (inadvertently) to upset (!):

I always forget that pressing F9 takes a screenshot ... just think of all those deathmatches that I won online which I could have
taken a screenshot of... . Maybe next time!

I have not played all available Unreal maps, not by any means (!) and any major resemblance of these maps to other existing
maps is purely coincidental.

I first started playing Unreal 1 (with the 226 patch) in about 2003 and, having not played for 3 years or so, I have started
playing again, especially the coop monster mash games! I have also played UT 2004, but I just couldn't get into it, although it
has some very good features I feel that the game-play is not as good as in the original.
Below is a second free map from BotRejectsInc. This map has a little bit of a story and some monsters to keep you on your
toes. It's about an agricultural starship, Photon Rider, supplying a colony, but it runs into a spot of bother...

Click here to download demo map Photon_Rider
Above: some screenshots of demo_Photon_Rider. The first one looks familiar ... . Dark? Well, better switch the lights on
then... .
This second map is a story map. Below is my third map, which is set as a deathmatch in which you can play against bots.
These bots are not instructed to follow certain paths, but will react to what theys ense and they do a pretty good job. The map
still needs jazzing up a bit though and I plan to modify it soon.
Those megaliths turn up everywhere...
Ok, so I made the clouds fast, but this
isn't Earth you know!
Looks like one robot is missing...
Ok, so not all the lights are working,
but I bet its lighter down below...
Find the jump boots and explore the mountains, but be
careful ... there are dangers other than stone titans in the
mountains (see if you can find the hidden spaceship).
If you have any comments, suggestions or questions then
contact us via our Webfrom or email us at: or leave a message on our
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